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Be a Wise Camper with Tarp, an Additional Layer of Tent Floor

Hiking or camping is really fascinating to do when summer comes and the sun radiates its shine nicely. During the warm days, many campers must plan on hiking or camping on the nearest campsite. Or, if the campsite is far enough, even a hill can be a good choice to stay overnight. During the preparation, most campers will give closer attention to the tent and the tarp. You might wonder why the tent should be protected again by the tarp. But some facts say that the use of tarp is so important during camping.

Tarp is basically made from coated nylon. But today, you might also find several other types of tarp such as polyethylene tarp (poly tarp) and footprints tarp. And even, you can also find custom tarps in today market. In general, the functions are still the same – to protect from rain or excessive humidity. Back to mid-20th century, tarp appears as the only one material used for shelters. Not only it is used to protect the people from the unpredictable weather changing, but it is also used to give some space for being open kitchen. But now, the use of tarp is also highly regarded for being a part of camping equipment.

Campers use tarp along with tent. The tarp will be placed directly under the tent floor as the lowest layer of the tent. There are some reasons behind the use of the trap under the tent. Firstly, the trap will keep the surface of the tent clean. As a result, you will not find a difficulty when you have to fold it back. Secondly, the tarp is good to protect the tent from ground level condensation that makes the upper layer wet. With the tarp, your tent will still be dry and you have a good sleep at night. In addition, you can also use the tarp in form of plastic sheeting above your tent if it rains outside so you can avoid excessive water falling on your tent.

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